Destinations in the Region

Starting from Gamis Farm, you can go on day trips to some popular destinations. Here are some useful tips for a few of them.

It is advised to start out early and make use of the cooler hours of the day as it will become hot during the day wherever you go in this region almost certainly. 



A vlei (small valley) tucked away in the mid of impressive dunes. If you are lucky, it is even filled with water, but that only happens once every couple years.

Distance: ca. 170 - 180 km (+ some walking, esp. with non 4x4 vehicle)


Sesriem Canyon

A smaller canyon, which was measured about as deep as six ox wagon belts at some places (hence the name). You can stop here on your way to or back from Sossusvlei.

Distance: ca. 115 km


Namib Naukluft Park

The famous Naukluft mountains and more. A varying landscape which is popular for hiking and climbing.

For your safety, you should not go hiking there alone, and always carry sufficient drinking water.

Distance: ca. 45 km (+ depending on exact destination)